The 1st Bite of a Great Conversation

A monthly Group Experience — hosted by Vanessa Lee Curley

The 1st Bite of a Great Conversation is created out of a treasured memory as a child watching my Mom and her sisters. The most fascinating moments were held cooking in a kitchen or eating around a dinning room table. I have chosen to create an exclusive group for dynamic women where we join together to open, to connect and to grow.  Your are welcomed into a femininely grounding environment that is delightfully safe and warm. Where together we inspire, motivate and connect with our tribe as we delve deep into the 1st bite of a great conversation. 

Coming Soon!

Date to follow, we launch our on-line community.

Email me at to get your Zoom link, and for more details.


This is how we do it!

I'd like to share 💛  My Favorite 5 Tools with you. Learn to deepen the connection with your inner self — step-by-step.

Certified Wayfinder Life Coach

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