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How to use 3 Deep Breaths to release anxiety!

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

We are experiencing some incredible moments within the year of 2020. A global pandemic, uproar of racism, economic changes and an overall strife within humanity. It is affecting how we communicate with ourselves and with others. It is creating a constantly evolving or changing new normal that has increased stress to an unprecedented level.

This article will address where in the brain stress and arousal are located and why it is important to center ourselves. By using mindfulness techniques such as taking 3 Deep Breaths to improve our quality of life and elavating how we mentally, physically and spirtually navigate our daily experiences.

How can 3 Deep breaths be useful in these difficult COVID-19 times?

COVID-19 just stirs up all kind of stress in me. What about you?

The incessant news coverage. The dividing global narrative of what to do, how to do it or not do it.

My mind runs in circle with questions like:

How will this turn out? Will we ever go back outside? What will happen to my favorite martini spot? Will my partner and I make it through this storm of everydayness? I mean everyday!