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Break the Pattern

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Did you know that everything we experience in life has a pattern?

There is a pattern in nature. There is a pattern in evolution. There is a pattern in our DNA strands. There is a pattern in which we plan to fulfill or not fulfill our intended plans for the day- everyday.

I learned the funnest thing this week, because I read this new book. The book is called Emotional Intelligence Quick Book by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves. It is a full of interesting tools and techniques to understand and improve your EQ.

Did you know that every day, every hour, we experience twenty-seven, 27, emotional experiences? From anger to sadness, to gladness, to frustration. To whatever!

Twenty-seven emotional experiences every hour. There are seventeen waking hours in everyday. That means that you and I and we experience four hundred and fifty-six, 456, emotional experieneces everyday.

I know! Right?!

Because there is this inherent pattern. There is something that I practice everyday and I share it with my clients everyday, and now I share it with you.

Circumstances create thoughts.

Thoughts create emotions and feeling.

Emotions and feelings create action and behaviour.

When you recognize that each and every one of us experience twenty-seven emotional experiences every hour. That means that whatever you are keeping within yourself. Whatever it is that you are not taking the moment to unpack and process. Whatever it is you are choosing not to figure out, by acknowleding it and asking yourself - " What's my part in this ? " " What am I making this moment mean? ". Because the reality of every action is that you have a part in the reality of the challenge. The other person has a part in the reality of this situation and the rest of that circumstance is reality, too.

The only thing that you and I have complete control over is how we respond to that circumstance that turns into a thought. The thought that creates and emotion or feeling. And the emotion or feeling that creates an action or behaviour.

That, my friend, is the pattern - so when you can recognize; what is it in your pattern that is preventing you from getting to what you want. Now, we start cooking with grease baby!!

So, if you are looking to understand - what is the pattern that you are exhibiting in your life?

Right now!! That is preventing you from getting to what you want. Take a moment to self- reflect. Ask yourself, specifically! What is it that I am consistently engaging in a pattern that is preventing me from getting to what I want?

When you can answer that question.

Then it is all about pivoting and introducing a new habit or new tool that is going to allow you to address whatever it is that is preventing you from moving forward, pivot and start getting to what you want.

Great share, right?!

Much love,


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