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Detachment creates space to be.

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

How do you release the pressure of expectations?

By creating a frame of detachment around the outcome.

Reality can be scary when so much time is wasted living life on a rollercoaster of expectations to how we want a specific event to turn out. Using detachment as a tool to distance yourself from a perceived outcome creates space to experience life and remain present in every moment regardless of the situation or challenge.

Detachment creates a buffer of flexibility because it minimizes the stress or anxiety that opens the door to our emotions and fears. This leads to opportunities to access what is happening by remaining open to the challenge instead of closing off and hiding from the event unfolding before you. When we directly connect to the challenge before us, we are able to grow through discovering the solution. This is how we each gain wisdom.

Are you ready to manifest your best life by providing space for you to be?

Learn to be specific in how you communicate with what is right before for you by using detachment as a tool to release the pressure of any expectation around an outcome.

Join the The Wave Tribe and grow to new heights.

Remember: when we value ourselves, we value each other.

Much love,


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