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How much power are you giving that story?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Are the stories you are telling yourself true or have you told the story so many times you believe them to be true?

We have all experienced something in our life that brought us to our knees with fear. Whether that is being bullied as a child, being fired from a job or having the love of your life break-up with you. These experiences are all part of the historical journey that is your life.

The thing is we choose to stay in those replayed moments with the story we create so we don’t feel the hurt again. The only thing satisfied by this cruel and manipulative act- is our Ego. Our Ego does not want to experience scary things again and again, so it helps you by having you buy into those stories, which turn into limiting beliefs. The result is you stop doing scary things. Like applying for a new job, pursuing a new love or putting someone in their place when they try to bully you.

Here you will learn who benefits from this destructive act and you will apply these two tools to change what you give your power to.

Life is hard, but believe me- the stories we tell ourselves are even harder. One of my clients is working through this dynamic now. He was wrapped up in his own story for thirty-six years. Now, he finds himself filled with resentment and disgusted with himself for the amount of opportunities he let go, simply because of the power he gave to the stories he created.

As my client uses his tools to work through the stories he created. Now, I ask you to consider re-reading your stories, consider looking at them for what they are. They are stories created out of a fearful moment- and your lizard brain is screaming loudly through a bullhorn to keep you from doing anything scary again.

What do I do, you ask? Take as many breaths as you need to get centered with yourself. This allows you to get past the fearful emotions that are screaming at you. Bring up that story and remember, that moment has passed, it can’t hurt you. What you keep replaying over and over again is the story about what you made that moment mean. Then use my favorite tool, The Toggle. Using The Toggle allows you to flip back and forth between your emotions and your logic.

The more you practice using these two tools the easier it will be for you to have the inner peace to Open to your emotions, Connect to the fear around the challenge, solve the challenge and move on with any situation.

Those lizard rationalizations are very convincing. They're often the same beliefs we've heard from our Parents, siblings, partners and we are bombarded by the same message in our social media choices. We become hypnotized by fear, what we cant see is that these actions just satisfy the Ego.

Martha Beck said, “ The human brain experiences everything at least twice: once at the level of actual perception ("something happening!") and a second time as we create a constructed narrative that explains and makes sense of what we are experiencing.”

There is beauty in self reflection- use The Toggle and breath.

The more you practice these tools, the easier it will be to let down your guard. Then, the easier it will be for you to live in the present moment and look out for what will come.

Much Love,


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