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How to create Morning Rituals

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

I remember reading a few excerts from Benjamin Franklins autobiography. Yes, he has accomplished many things such as being regarded as a Founding Father of the United States, a diplomat, scientist and inventor of bifocals. How did he find the time?

He had an outstanding morning ritual.

The question is can it help you and me to create a better day and ultimately a better life?

I dont know about you, but discpline and structure come in spurts for me, especially before I gave following this morning ritual a try.

The following is a rundown of Benjamin Franklin's schedule taken from his autobiography.

5 am to 8 am " Rise, Wash, and address Powerful Goodness; contrieve day's business and take the resolution of the day; prosecute the days study and breakfast. "

8 am to 12 pm- " Work "

12 to 2 pm- " Read and overlook my accounts and Dine "

2 to 6 pm- " Work "

6 to 10 pm- " Put things in their place, supper, music or diversion, or conversation; examination of the day.

10 pm to 5 am- " Sleep "

I thought to myself, this seems doable. I can do this! Then all of those thoughts came crashing in on me. How can I create wiggle room for myself, my days are jam-packed? You know, that limiting belief of you're not good enough came in on cue.

Followed by more thoughts, Will you really be consistent? I mean, really, 5 am!

However, when my husband or one of my blended 4 adult kids call or even my clients need something, somehow I find myself rearranging my entire day to take care of them.

Why don't I do it for me? Do you find yourself putting everyone else on your schedule but you, too? There are simple tools that can be used to add yourself into your daily schedule and to learn how, click here and book your consultation.

Every morning and evening Mr. Franklin asked himself two questions.

What good shall I do this day? What good have I done today?

Then it got me thinking!

There are a lot of things I, too, want to accomplish in my day that are just for me. Sure, I have responsibilities just like everyone else. By creating space and filling myself with the magical substance that makes me made sense.

Following this routine allowed me to become more centered, calm and confident just by taking 20 minutes first thing every morning to meditate. Working out Monday through Friday releases all of my anxious energy, allows me to be fully engaged and present with whomever I'm with. By the way, the side effect of working out five days a week has melted four of the ten pounds I wanted to lose. This alone was worth it!

Another fun benefit is that this routine created structure. I'm not always the best. However, when completing the daily task on the schedule, it allowed more free time for me to do what I want. Which in turn fills me with energy.

The most suprising benefit of this experince is asking myself those two questions. Somehow asking, "What good shall I do today?" and 'What good have I done today?" opens up the world to new possibilites. FInding oneself open to options greater than those that fill our daily lives allowed wiggle room to create something new. By designing a new way of looking at the day new possibilities came rushing in.

Today, as you go about your day, maybe begin by asking yourself those two little questions and wonder at what may be.

Remember: When we love ourselves, we love each other.

Take Care,


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