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How to stop anxiety in it's tracks!

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Hey You!

Did you know that we experience twenty-seven emotional experiences every hour. In Travis Brandberry's book Emotional Intelligence quick book, he shares that in the course of a seventeen hour everyday, we each experience four hundred and fifty-six emotions in a day.

Now, think about that for a second! Every day we each experience 456 emotions. That is three thousand every month. That is one hundred and fifty thousand emotional experiences every year. That means, whatever you are holding on to from last week, last month or twenty years ago is hanging out with you, too.

Do you know what anxiety is? Anxiety is having a prolonged thought. Something that is constantly playing over and over again in your mind.

Where does a ruminating thought come from? A ruminating thought is something that happened to you which elicited either a fear or apprehension response, which you are choosing not to deal with.

Sometimes, it is something you are afraid of and you are not sure how to get past it.

STOP IT!! Stop being anxious. Solve the problem.